Seagulls are adding to the “sub-standard” state of central Hereford, a local business group has claimed.

Hereford Business Improvement District (BID) chief executive Mike Truelove said the city “has not looked its best over the last two weeks”.

“It is clear to us that BBLP [Balfour Beatty Living Places, the county’s public realm contractor] do not have the resources to clean the city centre to the standard required due to having a lean team,” he said.

Seagulls are a major part of the problem, he claimed in response to a Hereford Times letter from a concerned resident.

“Litter seen strewn across the road is likely to be due to gulls, as residential waste is still not placed in gull-proof bags, though to be fair to the waste management team, this detritus is quickly picked up.

“The other problem is public bins, temporarily added a few years ago but still in place, which look unsightly and provide easy food for the birds. They must go immediately.”


A Herefordshire Council spokesperson said: “We’re committed to keeping the High Town area clean and tidy for those who live, work and visit the city centre.

“Our team of compact sweepers attend early every morning and a lot of time is spent clearing the strewn debris left by seagulls. The Herefordshire Council Enforcement Team have and are continuing to work with local businesses and residents to help tackle this issue through the use of seagull-proof bags.

“We appreciate the concerns raised about the cleanliness of the area and we are continuing to work with our available resource to provide the best possible service.”