A YOUNG HEREFORDSHIRE woman is calling for more people to buy their clothes second-hand.

Lola Rowsell, 17, from Leominster, is a student at Hereford Sixth Form College.

She has spent the last four years running events to promote the use of second hand fashion.

Miss Rowsell said: "I’ve always loved fashion, but since I was 13, I’ve been working on selling second hand clothes on platforms such as Depop and Facebook, and in person events to promote protecting the environment.


"In 2020 I single-handedly hosted a second hand shopping event at my high school. It was a huge success and I even featured on BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"I hope to do more events like this in future but need to spread the message of importance first to make sure I get the support I need."

Miss Rowsell emphasised the need for young people to realise the impact that their fashion choices can have on the environment.

She said: "I think people my age don't truly realise how much difference it makes where you get your clothes from.

"If everyone bought all their clothes from high street brands all the time, the demand would get so high that production would rocket and so would its impact on the environment.

Miss Rowsell is calling for more people to consider both buying and selling second hand.

She said: "I think more people should consider selling their old clothes, not only because of its impact on climate change, but also because it can be a really good source of extra income, particularly at such a difficult time for everyone financially.

"I wish more people would do the same."