A Herefordshire man has dragged his wheelie bin four-and-a-half miles in the summer sun to council offices in protest at not having it collected.

Ron Pritchard, of Kenchester, near Hereford, said the issue stemmed from a “malicious and childish” call from a neighbour saying his bin had been abandoned and was causing an obstruction.

He later had to persuade the driver of a council lorry sent to collect the bin that it was actually still in use.

“I was then told where to put it outside my house,” Mr Pritchard said. “But they haven’t collected it from there.”

The retired teacher, architect and planning adviser said: “I wrote to them saying if my in isn’t collected in five days – that is, by Monday – I would bring it in. I am now asking them to empty it and return it.”


The bin was taken away for collection by a council receptionist.

A Herefordshire Council spokesperson said: “We’re working with the resident concerned to resolve this issue.

“We’ll get the bin back to Mr Pritchard as soon as we possibly can.”