I AGREE with the comments of Mike Pink and Doug Skeggs (Opinion, August 4).

Walk through Hereford's Commercial Street, High Town and along smoker’s alley (Eign Gate and the subway). You will find discarded food, wrappings, cigarette butts, and seagull and pigeon droppings.

Herefordshire Council permits many empty city centre premises to become food outlets, which impacts on the amount of litter finding its way onto the streets.

Where are the litter enforcement officers? Dirty streets, high parking charges, and a shortage of town centre parking are making Hereford less attractive for traditional high street businesses.

Many have left already. Consider Hereford's excessive parking charges, the ongoing elimination of parking spaces to facilitate cycle lanes and obstructive planters.

The council could consider building a multi-storey car park adjacent to the shopping and business areas of the city instead of wasting public money on trees in planters and moss filters.

Both have minimal effect on reducing the effect of emissions and cost large amounts of public money to buy and maintain.

I hope we get a change of administration next year and see the end of this council's oblivious approach to the needs of Hereford's tax-paying citizens.


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