HEREFORDSHIRE'S Monty Don has treated fans to a gorgeous new picture of his baby granddaughter. 

The BBC Gardener's World presenter, who lives at Longmeadow, in Ivington, near Leominster, took to Instagram to share the picture of himself with Daisy Rose.

Daisy Rose was born in May to Don's son, Adam, and is the famed gardener's second grandchild.

Mr Don, 65, moved to Herefordshire after a career in jewellery, buying Longmeadow, then surrounded by an abandoned two-acre field, in 1991.

There was just one tree back then, which Mr Don said was the hazel in what is now the Spring Garden.


Everything else was rough grass, nettles and brambles, and when getting to work revamping the garden, he found that there was a harsh wind from three sides, so got to work altering the layout and putting windbreakers in place.

Longmeadow, from which Gardener's World has been presented since 2011, is now split into four different gardens which each have different names.

They are called The Cottage Garden, The Jewel Garden, The Paradise Garden and The Vegetable Garden.