An online survey has been launched today (August 5) to collect Herefordshire residents’ views on their local parks, playgrounds, sports pitches and other open spaces.

Herefordshire Council wants to know whether people think their local spaces are accessible and meet their needs, are attractive and well kept, and help them to connect with nature.

This information will feed into the county’s local development plan for the next 20 years, which is currently being put together.

The survey on the Commonplace website can be completed and submitted any time up to September 9.


The council’s cabinet member for planning Liz Harvey said: “Responses will help to shape how we manage the spaces we already have, to ensure they are kept healthy and provide the best leisure opportunities for residents and visitors.

“It will also give us the information we need to ensure the right sort of new recreational and amenity space is provided when new development takes place. The more responses we receive, the more comprehensive the results will be.”

Herefordshire Council’s website lists 120 parks, seven “major” parks, 10 public gardens and four recreation grounds it manages in the county.