GRAHAM Hellier’s point of view needs support (Get rid of cars, Hereford Times, July 28).

It would be great to have Leominster’s Corn Square pedestrianised.

Etnam Street car park and Central car park are rarely full.

As a disabled driver myself, I seldom park there.


Although most of the town’s central streets are also an increasing hazard, let’s make a start with Corn Square and make that a central, welcoming focus for our much-loved little town.

As we’ve come to expect, our MP (Sir Bill Wiggin) as he does frequently, snipes about this as he sees it as a green policy.


It’s nothing of the sort. Many of us have for many years advocated more pedestrianisation of central Leominster, notably the Leominster Civic Society and the town council.

Like myself, many will be seriously wondering whether they can in future afford to run a car at all.

So the recession may see many fewer cars on the road.

Our MP also boasts about his Conservative party having muscled in on the grant Leominster obtained to support market town’s businesses.

They have applied for planning permission to revamp the Rankin Club in Corn Square – new windows, all sorts of alterations exterior and interior.

I don’t know if the planning application went through. For what great service, exactly was Sir Bill knighted?

I seemed to have missed that.




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