A HEREFORD man has used the Covid lockdown to fuel his life long passion for art.

Gareth Williams is a digital and oils fine artist, specialising in architectural landscapes, motorsports. wildlife, and portraits.

His work is currently on display at Off the Wall in Hereford.

Digital art can be computer generated, scanned, or drawn using a tablet.


He works under the name Coblynau, which are mythical gnome-like creatures that were said to haunt the mines and quarries of Wales.

Mr Williams, who also works part-time as a motorcycle intstructor said: "The name comes from when I was a kid.

"Whenever I was naughty, mum would say "the Coblynau is going to get you", so I would hide myself away in a cupboard and start drawing."

Most of his work is digital based, after he was given a tablet to keep by his previous employer when he was furloughed during the Covid lockdown.

Mr Williams said: "I've always drawn and painted, but never really took it that seriously.

"Being locked down and having little to occupy myself gave me the perfect opportunity to give it a go."

Mr Williams said that the digital medium gives him a greater scope for creativity and allows him to produce work a lot quicker with the same detail and precision.

He said: "It's amazing what you can produce with the technology these days. A drawing or painting that would've taken months and months, can be produced and printed in days.

He has recently taken to producing prints of Hereford landmarks including Hereford Cathedral, the Victoria Bridge and the Black and White House in High Town.

Mr Williams said: "Being an engineer by trade, I'm fascinated by architecture and all it's interesting shapes and sizes, and Hereford has some amazing examples of it."