A VETERAN has set up a business in Hereford selling cannabidiol products after he says they helped him.

David Moczulski set up Tier One CBD after spending most of his life in the military on Stirling Lines.

In 1999 he had to leave because of too many chronic pain injuries and failed surgery which affected his mental health.

Then in 2019, Mr Moczulski tried CBD which he said proved to be hugely positive for him.


In the UK, all CBD products should be made from hemp, as the compound called cannabidiol (CBD) is found in the plant. This is used in Tier One CBD's oils and is completely legal.

Mr Moczulski set up the company with his business partner Jason Powell, who survived throat cancer and started using CBD after he was in remission.

"It helped me out tremendously," said Mr Moczulkski. 

"It changed my life."  

After this they decided to form the company, Tier One CBD.

Its products include CBD oil, CBD creams and oils for the skin and adaptogenic herbal supplements.

Adaptogens are active ingredients in certain plants and mushrooms that may impact how your body deals with stress, anxiety, and fatigue.


The company now has a broad customer base from veterans, serving military, and the public UK wide.

Pritchards will also be selling products in its shop in Hereford.

"We know from our sales and feedback how CBD is changing lives for the better," said Mr Moczulski.

Alongside Tier One CBD, David has a website called Tier One Health where he advocates for UK government funded access for medical cannabis and CBD for veterans who may benefit from it with a live petition he urgently needs signatures for.

He also sits in a group of international veterans drawn together from Australia, Canada, Israel, Ukraine, UK, and the US to learn more about the successful use of medical cannabis for PTSD, addiction, depression and many other benefits.

Find the petition here.