People in Hereford are being asked for their views on plans to make the city more cycle and pedestrian-friendly.

The improvements to Holme Lacy Road and the wider area south of the river are intended to encourage more people to cycle or walk to work at the Hereford Enterprise Zone in Rotherwas, to travel to school and for general travel around the area.

Anyone who lives, works and travels in the area can submit their views via the council’s website, and these will be used to guide the final detailed designs.

The information will also be on display at the Shell Store, Skylon Park, from 4pm on Wednesday August 10, then weekdays 9am-5pm until August 31.

There will be a presentation the Shell Store on Thursday August 11 from 5.30pm. Questions can also be directed to .


The council’s cabinet member for transport and infrastructure John Harrington said: “Walking and cycling is a good choice for residents in our city and suburbs, but we need to make those routes easy to use, clearly demarked and segregated and protected from obstructions like illegal parking.

“We also need to make sure routes comply with national standards like LTN 1/20, where cyclists are separated from traffic and pedestrians from cyclists wherever possible.

“What would make it easier for you to cross a particular road or junction? Which areas need better signage? Where is it difficult to cycle? We need this local insight to help with the final designs.

“We are going to spend more and more on walking and cycling routes in the future, and we need to get it right.”