FIREFIGHTERS had an unusual callout on the Herefordshire border on Saturday.

A crew was called out to reports of a vehicle on fire on the A49 in the Brimfield area at 12pm on July 30.

But on arrival, they did not find what they had expected.

"An interesting shout to say the least as it's probably the first time the incident has been 'moving'," a spokesperson for Tenbury fire station said.

"Once we established that the point of origin for the call was clear of any issue, we followed the queue of traffic up to a slow moving vehicle.

"Suspecting this was probably the cause of the emergency call and not on fire, plus knowing a crew from Leominster were also behind us, we decided to turn around and ensure the marked incident on our MDT was fully checked.


"Once this was completed, and the Leominster crew had ascertained the slow moving steam engine was the vehicle, a stop message was put in to control.

"Advice was given to the driver of the steam engine which was causing some smoke along the road.

"On this occasion, it was a false alarm with good intent - clearly enough smoke to cause concern to a passerby and call the emergency services!"