THE parking issues at the Courtyard are still happening.

Although I had a valid ticket I received a notice from CSPM telling me I owed them £100 (£60 if I paid within 14 days) photos on the notification showed my car entering and exiting at the times to match the ticket.


Thinking this was an error, I sent a message with a copy of the ticket. I received a response telling me that they would let me know the outcome in 21 days.

I didn’t hear anything until July 1 when I received a notification from Debt Recovery Plus telling me I owed £170 parking charge!


CSPM have continued to send intimidating letters and emails.

The last telling me if I wish to settle the matter I can offer them £20.

It seems the machine only printed out the last five digits of my number plate, though I did enter the whole number as my husband read it out to be sure I put the correct one in.

Even so they have evidence it was my car and I have evidence that I paid. With no names on any of the correspondence I feel this is a scam. 



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