WE all need the various piped services that are beneath our roads and accept that from time to time access to the pipes, requiring road closures, extra traffic lights etc, will be necessary. 

What infuriates is the absence of anyone actually working in the barricaded sections. 


For more than a week now a large section of St Owen’s Street in Hereford has had traffic queues (controlled by the slowest ever three-way traffic lights), reaching at times the entire way from St Peter’s Square to the Ledbury Road, mostly with engines running (pollution? effect on cyclists in the queue?).

Unbearable in the heat for everyone, which is perhaps why no one was working there. 


Stopped there yet again, I could clearly see the the closed-off road surface was smooth, without holes. 

If whatever work was done there is complete, why are the barricades still there? 


What are your thoughts?

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