A CHICKEN factory has spoken out as a demonstration continues in Hereford this afternoon.

Extinction Rebellion protesters gathered outside Avara in Hereford and Allensmore this morning to demand the industry makes changes.

Protesters have now left the company's Allensmore site but are proceeding through Hereford at present.

The protesters said they want Avara to clean up its international supply chain by ending all sourcing of Brazilian soya for its poultry feed, to stop chicken manure from polluting the River Wye and to "clean up the mess they have already made of it".

They also said Avara must not build new intensive poultry units of any size, or expand existing units in the Wye catchment area.

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Avara Foods has responded this afternoon, saying it is clear that Extinction Rebellion objects to what the company does as a matter of principle, but that there are many more people across the UK that value what they do. 

"Whether it’s the Wye, sourcing soy or any other aspect of our environmental footprint, we’re committed to reducing our impact on the world and are already taking action," the spokesperson said. 

"We’ve consistently said that positive and lasting change will come from collaboration and support between those that care about the issue, and we will continue to work with groups that share that view.”