RUBBISH has been found strewn along the banks of Hereford’s river Wye after sunny weather saw people heading to the water to cool off.

While trains were cancelled, schools closed, and restaurants turned off their ovens, many took to cool spots under the shade and the river Wye to cool off.

But this appears to have left Hereford with added waste.

An overflowing bin with bikes pulled from the river resting against it was spotted on Bishops Meadow, in Hereford, on Tuesday (July 19) as people swam in the river below.


Herefordshire councillor Elizabeth Foxton said if people behaved responsibly and thought about the planet, litter picking would not be necessary in the city.

“I think a good idea to tackle our litter problem would be if people took responsibility for an area near their home which they frequently walk along,” she said.


“Point of fact, I litter pick the whole of Southbank Road, and every single day I pick up several pieces of litter.

“Plastic bottles, cans, sweet and chocolate wrapping paper, fast food wrappers, plastic bags, and lottery cards. 

“Therefore, pedestrians and dog walkers will rarely see any litter on Southbank Road.”