A COUPLE have celebrated their honeymoon on the Herefordshire border after their horsey best man trotted down the aisle with the rings.

Newlyweds Paul Boyles and Kay Clark took King Erik, a 17.2hh former racehorse, on honeymoon with them to Knighton following their wedding in May.

Erik took guests by surprise when he walked down the aisle to deliver the wedding rings attached to his saddle.

When Mr Boyles came up with the idea of having him at the wedding and enlisted the help of his friend Stephanie Marshall.

Erik, with Ms Marshall in the saddle, arrived at the Black Beauty theme outdoor wedding.


Hereford Times: Paul Boyles and Kay Clark with Erik the racehorsePaul Boyles and Kay Clark with Erik the racehorse

"I decided not to have an official best man, but no one knew," said Mr Boyles.

"When I was asked for the rings, I fumbled around, pretended I'd forgotten them and then turned round to say: 'Please welcome my best man' and Erik made his entrance.

"He walked up the aisle and brought the rings, in a little treat bag on the saddle, then stood there while we finished the service and walked down the aisle behind us."

When it came to the best man's speech, a "live video link" to the yard was arranged, where Erik was back in his field. He played recordings of him whinnying, to cheers from the guests.

Paul and Kay then headed off for a hacking honeymoon at Brandy House Farm, a tourism, and equine holidays business at Felindre, near Knighton, with Erik and another horse borrowed from a friend.


"We did 11 days of hacking, and it was absolutely amazing," said Mr Boyles.

"Brandy House Farm was the most perfect location and venue for our honeymoon.

"Miles and miles of hacking from the doorstep and second to none facilities for the horses."

Medina Brock, who runs Brandy House Farm with her husband, Richard, said they were delighted to host the honeymoon for the happy couple and their horses.

"We loved meeting King Eric who has become quite the celebrity and was taking his fame all in his stride," she said.

"Of course, it was lovely to meet Paul and Kay too and we were delighted that they chose Brandy House Farm to spend their honeymoon and to enjoy some of the riding this beautiful part of mid Wales has to offer."