A SECONDARY school in Herefordshire has said it will be closing early next week as the Met Office warns of extreme heat across most of England.

The Met Office has issued an amber extreme heat warning from Sunday until Tuesday, meaning it is expecting population-wide adverse health effects are likely to be experienced.

The warning covers East Wales and all of England south of Middlesborough and Lancaster, except for West Cornwall.


The Met Office warns that some exceptionally high temperatures are possible both by day and by night, and this is likely to bring widespread impacts to people and infrastructure.

In Hereford, the current forecast suggests temperatures could peak at 28C on Sunday, 33C on Monday and 35C on Friday before a cooler 24C on Wednesday.

But Fairfield High School, in the Golden Valley Village of Peterchurch, has already said it will be taking action by closing early at 1pm on Monday and Tuesday.

Headteacher Sue Gaston said that with the high temperatures forecast, children would be sent home early after bosses consulted with other local schools.


The day will start at the normal time, and lunches will still be available, just at an earlier time.

School transport will run at 1pm.

"I am sorry if this causes any inconvenience but we felt a pragmatic approach to the forecast weather conditions was the most sensible approach," she said.

Mrs Gaston also said that boys may go to school in their PE shorts and school polo top or white PE shirt to cope with the hot weather. Girls can wear a skirt and polo top.