Electric vehicles will make up close to a third of UK used car sales by 2030, new research suggests.

Data generated by insurance firm LV= discovered that 31% of the cars on the used market will be electric vehicles by the time the Government’s ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars is introduced at the start of the next decade.

In 2021, fully electric vehicles made up only 1.3% of the total number of cars on the road, numbering 399,981. That figure is expected to exceed one million in 2023, though this would still only equate to 3.1% of all the cars on the road.

By 2025, this figure is expected to double to around 6% prior to going up three-fold by 2030 with 6.4 million BEVs on the UK’s roads.

Hereford Times: An electric vehicle charging point (PA)An electric vehicle charging point (PA) (Image: PA)

At the present time whilst the cost of EVs is steadily dropping and public charging is more widespread, ‘range anxiety’ (the fear of running out of charge on the road) still holds many people back from switching to EVs.

As a way to help ease that anxiety for drivers, AutoTrader has created a data-rich, interactive map to show where all the current EV charging points are in the UK.

This also includes information on how quickly certain EV points charge the car, which are split up into the categories of 'Slow', 'Fast', 'Rapid' and 'Ultra Rapid'.

You can find the map via the AutoTrader website here.