I MUST challenge Sir Bill Wiggin MP for failing to use precious column space to deal with the real issues of Herefordshire residents: a food-bank crisis, breakdown of family services, the alarming deterioration of child mental health, all mental health, the ecological collapse of our river Wye water system, the energy crisis.

He slams the council for prioritising making Widemarsh Street safe.

A rural resident nearby has been unable to walk properly for three months following a trip on this paving.


Suffering fractures affect people’s lives hugely.

The pedestrianisation scheme of Hereford was a Conservative-led scheme that has tripped people up for over 10 years.

It is absolutely morally right that the council sort it out

– which is what the current coalition administration has

decided to do.

A pop at the council over Maylords – berated for trying to take control of a High Street asset to help breathe life back into our city communities and businesses after the biggest shock to economic and social life of our generation.

Why has Sir Bill not convinced Rebecca Pow to acknowledge we need a Water Protection Zone?

The Environment Agency and Natural England called for one six years ago.

Ringing emergency bells?

Where is the pressure on George Eustace, Defra?

Why is he not promoting regenerative agriculture to save

diverse farm businesses and the environment?

Last week bemoaning the RMT over strike action for decent conditions and decent pay rates for workers amid a cost of living crisis as wealth is being transferred from the working class to the ruling class in the post-Covid confusion of finding a way forward in all this mess.



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