THE cost-of-living crisis continues to affect Hereford as fuel prices rise on a regular basis.

The price of diesel reached 203p per litre in Shell petrol station, in Whitecross Road, and now a week later others are close to hitting the same price.

BP, in The Straight Mile, Rotherwas, has been increasing its prices over the last few months, and as you enter the forecourt today (June 28) the price for diesel reads 199.9p per litre. This is 1p more than last week, which brings it ever closer to the £2 mark.

Tesco Belmont has also increased its diesel price to 199.9p per litre. This is 5p more than last week.


Texaco, in Commercial Road, has also followed suit. This is also 5p higher than last week.

Asda is the cheapest for diesel at 195.9p per litre, which is 4.2p higher than a week ago, and petrol at 184.7p per litre – this is 2p higher than a week ago.

Here is a list of the cheapest places to fill up the car in the city, according to petrol price per litre (correct as of Tuesday, June 28):

  1. Asda, Belmont Road: 184.7p unleaded, 195.9p diesel
  2. Texaco, Ledbury Road: 185.9p unleaded, 197.9p diesel
  3. Esso, Ledbury Road: 186.9p unleaded, 196.9p diesel
  4. Sainsbury's, Barton Yard: 186.9p unleaded, 197.9p diesel
  5. Co-op, Holmer Road: 188.9p unleaded, 197.9p diesel
  6. Hinton Service Station, Ross Road: 189.8p unleaded, 198.8p diesel
  7. Texaco, Commercial Road: 189.9p unleaded, 199.9p diesel
  8. Tesco, Belmont: 190.9p unleaded, 199.9p diesel
  9. Shell, Whitecross Road: 191.9p unleaded, 203.9p diesel
  10. BP, The Straight Mile: 195.9p unleaded, 199.9p diesel