A HEREFORSHIRE couple who want the county to taste quality meat from their homeland have seen their business grow from strength to strength.

Chef Matus Vojtek, from Slovakia and his wife Olha, from Ukraine, are on a mission to give Herefordshire a taste of Slavic cooked meats.

The pair run the Charcuterie stall in Hereford’s Buttermarket selling meat bought from a cluster of family run butchers in countries on the Russian borders.

“Our smoked meat truly represents the culture where I come from and it’s completely different from the main stream Spanish, French and Italian meat and game,” said Mr Vojtek.


Hereford Times: Matus Vojtek at the Charcuterie stall in Hereford's ButtermarketMatus Vojtek at the Charcuterie stall in Hereford's Buttermarket

Mr Vojtek came to the UK from his native Slovakia in 2007.

He worked in a number of top restaurants in Herefordshire.

While working in the UK he has sought to bring the depth of flavour, texture, and taste of true Continental cooking to his food.

Frustrated at not being able to source charcuterie of the quality that he was used to, he has now set up his own chain of shops.

The couple source their charcuterie from only the best Continental suppliers, some of whom have been creating specialist meats for many generations.

“People see it as something different to what they are used to,” added Mr Vojtek.

"People hadn’t tasted meat from Slavic countries. Heavily smoked Slavic meat over an open fire is close to my heart.

“We have samples for every customer and it’s quite a novelty meat and something new.

“When people taste it they usually return and seem to want more and more.”

Charcuterie have a stall in Hereford's Buttermarket and are now doing online orders along with attending summer food shows.

They also host a monthly Slavic dining experience during the winter months at Beefy Boys.