HEREFORDSHIRE firefighters were delayed reaching a crash due to 'inconsiderate' parking in a village.

A crew from Leintwardine were on their way to a crash yesterday afternoon when they were delayed in Rosemary Lane in Leintwardine.

Firefighters in Leintwardine were delayed by inconsiderate parking. Picture: Leintwardine Fire StationFirefighters shared this picture of parking in Leintwardine


They sent a Facebook post stating: "This afternoon, yet again, our emergency response was delayed due to inconsiderate parking along Rosemary Lane...on this occasion we were on our way to a road traffic collision.

"Every minute counts for us when we are turning out to attend emergencies.

"Please think before you park your vehicle; is it going to delay an emergency vehicle? Or worse still, is it going to completely obstruct access for emergency vehicles?"