LAST Thursday I was travelling with my friend, her elderly uncle and dog to Leominster.

We were driving up Dinmore Hill and were unfortunately hit by a car coming the other way.

We want to thank all the people who kindly stopped to help us.

Firstly, a man in a CJ Bayliss shirt.

He assessed the situation then moved up the hill to slow the traffic down.


A lovely lady called Chloe followed by a young man whose name was Rory.

They were marvellous – calling the emergency services

and fielding the call with the ambulance operator.

The young man even rang his dad, who came to help slow the traffic down.

They then stayed with us throughout, helping and

checking if we and the other driver were ok.

Another lady and her daughter also stopped and volunteered to look after our dog in their car.

They were so kind and caring to him. Finally, Liz the

headteacher of a local school, took the time to collect us along with my daughter Laura.

We are so grateful to the kindness of these people along with the emergency services.



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