REGARDING the change to Debenhams property for offices on the upper floor, wasn’t the idea of developing this area to bring bigger retailers to Hereford, increase trade and the promise of major stores?

As far as I can see, Hereford is now divided into two areas – High Town, where all the big retailers were, and the centre of the town.

Maylord Orchard has suffered since the opening of the new area. You can tell that by the shops that are closed in Maylord Orchard and the number of pound shops and charity shops that have opened up.


Hereford as a retail town is dying. There are very few opportunities for smaller shops and family businesses to open or survive because of the high rentals and the huge business rates and red tape.

I don’t like shopping in Hereford anymore. Go over the border to Abergavenny and you find a bustling friendly town which has character and a wide variety of shops both big and small that survive side by side.

The plus point is it is cheaper to park, there is less congestion and the people are friendly and happy to see you.


Michaelchurch Escley

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