SO Sir Bill Wiggin sets out his platform for fighting the next election.

More roads, fewer potholes and, of course, the blame game. How very tired!

He might have to try a bit harder than that. Most people are struggling to afford food for their families, accommodation, and heating, let alone fuel for their cars.

We don’t all own an electric car as our wages have not increased significantly unlike those of MPs and chief executives.


Meanwhile, the policies of a 12-year Tory austerity regime are biting deeper and deeper. The NHS is strangled by cuts and low morale with privatisation creeping in.

Students are crippled by debt, the homeless situation is dire, and our beautiful county is pushed to its ecological limits, including our dying rivers.

Big thanks to the present Herefordshire Council administration for trying, against the lack of support from central government, to repair the damage.

Time to up your game, Sir Bill. You’ve got some real work to do.


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