PETROL prices in Hereford continue to rise as Boris Johnson faces criticism for “laughing in our faces” during the cost-of-living crisis and fuel poverty.

The criticism came from Labour MP Andy McDonald, who said during the pandemic he has seen a massive shift in wealth from the poorest to the richest.

The MP for Middlesbrough said: “And they are now sitting on their hands and laughing in our faces as the cost-of-living crisis and fuel poverty could well leave thousands more to die of cold in their own homes.”


Hereford fuel prices have risen again since last week, which has changed where drivers can find the cheapest petrol in the city.

Asda has risen by 2p but remains cheapest, but Esso, in Ledbury Road, has decreased the price of its petrol by 2p.

BP, in The Straight Mile, in Rotherwas, has remained the most expensive for some weeks but today (May 26) it has dropped its petrol price by 2p leaving Shell, in Whitecross Road, as the most expensive.


Here is a list of the cheapest places to fill up the car in the city, according to petrol price per litre (correct as of Thursday, May 26):

1. Asda, Belmont Road: 161.7p unleaded, 173.7p diesel

2. Sainsbury’s, Barton Yard: 161.9p unleaded, 174.9p diesel

3. Hinton Service Station, Ross Road: 161.9p unleaded, 175.8p diesel

4. Tesco, Belmont: 164.9p unleaded, 176.9p diesel

5. Co-op, Holmer Road: 167.9p unleaded, 181.9p diesel

6. Esso, Ledbury Road: 168.9p unleaded, 177.9p diesel

7. Texaco, Ledbury Road: 171.9p unleaded, 179.9p diesel

8. Texaco, Commercial Road: 172.9p unleaded, 179.9p diesel

9. BP, The Straight Mile: 174.9p unleaded, 184.9p diesel

10. Shell, Whitecross Road: 179.9p unleaded, 181.9p diesel