PUBLIC toilets in Herefordshire have opened and closed during the pandemic, but there are also restaurants that will allow you to use their toilets free of charge.

The public toilets in Ledbury's Bye Street could soon be open for the first time since before the pandemic.

A combination of vandalism and Covid lockdown rules have kept the block closed for more than two years.

But if you are struggling to find somewhere not to spend a penny, there are several different businesses across the county, including restaurants, bars, and shops, that will let you use their toilet facilities free of charge, without having to buy anything. 

All of these display a use our loo sticker which will show the facilities available.


Hereford Times: Public toilets are open in Castle Green, HerefordPublic toilets are open in Castle Green, Hereford

To find facilities near you, along with public and accessible toilets, take a look at The Great British Public Toilet Map website.

Here’s a list of public toilets in Herefordshire:


  • Castle Green
  • Gaol Street car park
  • Union Walk


  • Broad Street
  • Westbury Street
  • West Street
  • The Grange


  • Church Lane


  • Market Square, Mill Street
  • The Kington Centre, Bridge Street


  • The Croft
  • Wye Street
  • Red Meadow car park, Kyrle Street


  • Tenbury Road car park


  • Library car park, Back Lane


  • East Street car park


  • Oxford Road
  • Belmont Road
  • Whitney-on-Wye toll bridge

People who are disabled can also access locked public toilets around the county through a national scheme.

The National Key Scheme mean locks can be found in shopping centres, pubs, cafés, department stores, bus, and train stations.