The 28 Herefordshire soldiers who fought and died in the Falklands War were remembered at a ceremony in Hereford today.

Coun Sebastian Bowen, Chairman of Herefordshire Council marked the anniversary at the Annual Council Meeting, followed by a one-minute silence.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the conflict between the UK and Argentina.

In April 1982, Argentina laid claim to the Falkland Islands and mounted a military assault.

Thousands of amphibious troops backed up by Naval and Air resources soon occupied the island capital of Port Stanley.

The British landings took place on May 21 and after a difficult time due to the weather, the terrain and intense enemy activity, land troops advanced on foot and liberated Port Stanley on June 14.

As well as the 255 British men who died during the hostilities, many returned home wounded or injured. Three Falkland Islanders and 649 Argentine military personnel also died during the conflict.

Coun Sebastian Bowen said: "On the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War we remember all the British servicemen and civilians that served in the task force, particularly those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The re-capture of the Falklands by the British forces was a most remarkable feat of arms, with all three Services playing their part to the utmost.

"The impact to our county of Herefordshire was significant, 28 of those killed had roots in Herefordshire.

"Our thoughts are with the bereaved families of the 255 men who died during the conflict."