A HEREFORD-BORN young woman aims to be crowned in one of the UK's pageants so she can spread a message on sustainable living.

Ellie Daglish has been working to spread the message on social media and now she wants to compete against others in the country to reach a wider audience.

The 20-year-old aims to be a voice for young people, spreading positive messages on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, as she aims to be crowned with an Eco Pageants UK title at the finals.

Eco Pageants UK will be crowning five queens at its grand final as it continues to promote courage, beauty and sustainability brought together under one crown.

Hereford Times:


Miss Daglish has previously created the #1swap4earth (tag @purpleturtleco) campaign on Instagram in collaboration with a charity called Purple Turtle Co to encourage people to share good ideas on living a more sustainable life and post their own swap for Earth.

"I am so passionate about the environment and have this amazing opportunity of being a Miss Eco Pageants UK finalist and want to influence others to make more conscious sustainable decisions," she said.

Miss Daglish also competed at Miss Eco UK last summer where she finished as second runner up.

"Being a finalist is such an honour and I would love to use my title to be able to make a difference through my work as it is something that I remain very passionate about," she said.

Hereford Times:


"Being a Miss Eco Pageants UK finalist gives me a platform to make change by educating others on eco living and environmental protection and to speak about these issues which I am so enthusiastic about and ultimately to help make changes in the world that I want to see.

"Even small actions help to bring about change such as starting to use reusable shopping bags or even reusable bottles. Every small change helps our Earth."

The finals take place at the Hilton East Midlands Airport hotel on Saturday, July 16.

Ellie also has her own business called Ellie's Ethical Wardrobe, which is a buy, swap, sell site allowing pageant contestants across the world to shop sustainably.

Her social media accounts are @livingbyellie, @elliesethicalwardrobe and @elliedaglish.