I TOOK part in the climate citizens’ assembly that happened earlier in the year, and was told that you may be interested in hearing what I had to say on it.

As a young person living in Herefordshire, taking part in the citizens’ assembly felt really important to me, for many reasons.

The main one, of course, being that the climate crisis is an important topic to be discussed and acted upon.

I felt honoured to have had the chance for my voice to be heard, and to be able to represent other young people like myself.


On top of this, taking part in Herefordshire’s first ever citizens’ assembly, I felt proud to be a part of what will hopefully be a positive change in the way our council makes decisions.

Being advised by local representatives allows for a more democratic approach.

Moving forwards, it also influences and allows the council to make decisions that are genuinely in our best interest.


  • What are your thoughts on the Herefordshire Citizens’ Climate Assembly? Have your views heard HERE