TO all concerned who have placed Mordiford on the map with the dragon trail, many hours of work must have been spent getting it all together and resulting in the Mordiford Dragon Trail, not forgetting the recent unveiling of Maud and the Dragon opposite the Moon Inn, you are to be congratulated.

Having recently walked the trail myself, coming across the sculptures of the dragon and the dragon’s killer in the barrel it gives the trail a sense of the legend of the dragon that used to live in Westwoods.

For those who have not yet walked the trail, which is only a short walk and is well sign posted, I would recommend it.

At one time there was a painting of the dragon in the church at Mordiford but it was lost some time in the 19th century.

It would be nice to see the painting once again in the church.

Perhaps some time in future this will be made possible.



The Mordiford Dragon Trail, is about 1.4 miles long taking in orchards and wooded hills that surround the village.

The legend is brought to life by a series of wooden sculptures helping illustrating the tale of the dragon that once lived in Mordiford.

The trail starts at Lower Green in Mordiford and finishes at the church

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