A HEREFORDSHIRE woman had the surprise of her life when she went for a meal at a Herefordshire pub.

Holly Barratt, from Hereford, was told by her boyfriend Shane Stephens that they had won a raffle for a meal at the Bush Inn at Bush Bank, near Hereford.

Little did Miss Barratt know, that Mr Stephens had got her there under false pretences, and was planning to ask her to marry him after 10 years together.

Miss Barratt said: "We have been together since 2012, and have always joked that they would never get married.

"I just assumed that it wouldn't happen and I was fine with that."


This made it all the more surprising when Mr Stephens got down on one knee and popped the question.

The couple had always talked about going to the Bush Inn for dinner one day and had never got round to it, until Mr Stephens set up the day.

Miss Barratt said: "Shane had conspired with his work mates and with the pub to lead me to believe that we had won a raffle through his work for a free meal.

"I had always fancied going to the Bush Inn and sample their picnic bench so obviously was looking forward to it.

"Shane made sure it was quiet in the car park and we headed to the entrance.

"I went first and suddenly Shane said 'turn around' and there he was with the ring.

Hereford Times: Shane Stephens and Holly Barratt at the Bush Inn at Bush Bank near HerefordShane Stephens and Holly Barratt at the Bush Inn at Bush Bank near Hereford

"It was a perfect moment and something that I will never forget."

A spokesperson for the Bush Inn said: "We were lucky enough to have this wonderful proposal shared with us.

"Huge congratulations to Holly and Shane from all of us at the Bush Inn."