I HAVE a very recent experience with Herefordshire Council regarding taking my waste to the local waste recycling centre.

I have a 50-metre garden and as such generate a more modest amount of waste than say someone living in a flat.

I have been sent a letter from the Herefordshire Council department for environmental health last year due to the fact my neighbour complained about burning garden waste.

So this season, and since it is spring, I have now generated more rubbish than the four allocated trips (per fortnight) allowed.


I have contacted the waste department saying how I wish to do the right thing and dispose of my rubbish at the recycling centre and they have told me they cannot help me, other than to pay extra or wait.

I now have the choice to fly-tip or to infuriate my neighbours with some more bonfires, or leave my waste for a another two weeks before I can book again.

It is fair to say the council are quick to point out the rules to me but when I ask them for help they are professionally impotent.

Oh, and I am still awaiting a response from environmental health.

They have another arbitrary rule of up to 10 days to reply.

Sadly, common sense has gone from society. So it is safe to say fly-tipping is here to stay!


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