EITHER Herefordshire Council wants people to recycle and be responsible for how they deposit rubbish or they do not and will turn the public into fly tippers across Herefordshire.


At the end of the day Worcestershire runs all the tips so it is not up to Herefordshire to decide what they will do and what they won’t do and what they will charge for and what they won’t charge for!

Herefordshire has offloaded its responsibility to Worcestershire at a cost.

If Herefordshire wants rubbish of all kinds fly tipped across the county then go ahead.

Why doesn’t Herefordshire Council put time and energy into sorting out the disgusting condition of the roads in the county and building a much-needed ring road around Hereford as the quantity of traffic through the city is ridiculous, making it a nightmare for all.

There are other ways for Herefordshire to make/save money – by cutting the salaries of senior management, repairing the roads so there are fewer claims for damaged public vehicles, and I could go on and on.

Take a long hard look at yourselves before you hit the public!


  • What is your views on the plan to charge for using Hereford skips? Have your views heard HERE