A Herefordshire MP has given his backing to Prime Minister in the wake of the ‘Partygate’ scandal, and ahead of local elections which could seal Boris Johnson’s fate.

Hereford and South Herefordshire MP Jesse Norman wrote to Hereford resident David Perkins: “The Ministerial Code is clear that any minister who knowingly misleads Parliament is expected to resign. However, it is not quite clear that this has happened here.”

Mr Perkins tweeted his MP's reply.

The fixed penalty notices given to Mr Johnson, along with his Chancellor Rishi Sunak, are “also a serious matter” but are “a criminal sanction, not a criminal offence”, Mr Norman wrote.

“The Prime Minister has now publicly acknowledged that he broke the law, and he has apologised to Parliament.”

Mr Norman said it was clear from this statement there were “extenuating circumstances” on the occasions in question, and that the Prime Minister “is entitled to the benefit of the doubt”.


His North Herefordshire Tory colleague Sir Bill Wiggin has also thrown his support behind the Prime Minister.

Tomorrow’s local government elections in many parts of England (though not Herefordshire), as well as across Scotland and Wales, are expected to influenced by voters’ views on Mr Johnson and his conduct, with the Daily Mail today claiming that these “could break him”.

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