THE disgraceful scenes which followed the recent football match which developed into a shouting match between Hereford and Telford on Widemarsh Street should be a wake-up call for those using multiple f ’s with an eclectic mix of other obscenities, those with no thought of what is currently going on in the Ukraine.

They should be, without exception, have it clearly pointed out to them that similar aged men are currently fighting for their lives and for their country, not a football team, with the Russians hell bent on killing them and blowing everything up.


I was once a proud Englishman, but I have to say I’m not proud with such disgraceful behaviour on the streets after a game between two teams kicking a leather ball about from end to end, followed by a mindless rabble trying to cause as much chaos as possible.

Our police did their best in what were difficult circumstances.

Go home young fellas and don’t come back. Better still, sign up for a proper fight to the death.



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