HEREFORDSHIRE has been featured on a popular BBC TV show, with a “spectacular” suspension bridge shown off.

BBC’s Countryfile on Easter weekend came from Herefordshire as presenter John Craven explored ancient rural customs.

He began the programme by introducing Herefordshire.

“Where history goes hand in hand with natural beauty,” he said during the programme on BBC One on Sunday.

Craven set off on a unique mile long Easter trail that begins in the village of Kings Caple to Sellack and crosses a “spectacular” bridge, according to Craven – which is known locally as the swing bridge.

Hereford Times: Sellack suspension bridge featured on BBC CountryfileSellack suspension bridge featured on BBC Countryfile


Along the way residents shared their rural Easter traditions from a field blessing to grave dressing.

He met Reverend Crispin Pemberton at Kings Caple’s 900-year-old church to try the pax biscuit, which was created 500 years ago and is still eaten at Easter as a token of peace and good neighbourliness.

Herefordshire-stained glass artist Tasmin Abbott created a special piece to celebrate Easter and spring, which was inspired by the countryside around her.



“When I come to this field and this landscape, I feel very nurtured, and it is also very inspiring for my work,” she said.

Craven also delved into the Easter archives for some treats, including the time Matt made a special delivery to the Isles of Scilly and when Sean discovered the significance of the wild daffodils.