A HEREFORDSHIRE GP has flown out to Ukraine to support the humanitarian effort in the war-torn country.

Dr Marian Davis, from Leominster, has joined frontline medical aid charity UK-Med, to work in the static and mobile health clinics it has established near Lviv.

Ms Davis will join UK-Med’s team of 26 surgeons, doctors, nurses, paramedics and logistics staff currently working in both the east and west of the country to get medical aid to those in need.


The GP will deliver health clinics to support humanitarian efforts to help thousands of Ukrainian people who have been uprooted by the conflict and have fled their homes.

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Ms Davis said "I am looking forward to collaborating with and working alongside Ukrainian colleagues to provide the best quality patient-centred primary care possible to the thousands of Ukrainians who’ve had to leave their homes.

"I’ve witnessed the war develop with a mixture of disbelief, horror and sadness, to see the anxiety and trauma etched on the faces of people as they leave everything they know.

"Many women and children have left fathers and husbands behind and are facing an uncertain future without their support".