POLICE officers have seized a motorbike which has been "endangering the children" in a Herefordshire town.

West Mercia Police said the scrambler bike was being ridden around the play area at Sydonia park, Leominster, and it was "definitely not acceptable".

Officers said children using the park, near the Halo swimming pool, were being put at risk.


After officers seized the bike, Leominster safer neighbourhood team said: "A great result from our colleagues at OPU Hereford [operational policing unit] after they seized this scrambler bike which was being ridden around Sydonia Play Park this afternoon, endangering the children using the park.

"Definitely not acceptable."

On its website, West Mercia Police warns about illegal use of vehicles, including bikes.

"It’s against the law in the UK to ride hoverboards, minibikes (or mini motos), motorised scooters such as GoPeds on both public roads and pavements," it says.

"The same applies to ‘trail’ bikes, three-wheeled bikes and quads unless they are displaying valid number plates.

"These kind of vehicles may only be used on private roads or land with the road or land-owner’s permission."


Talking about misusing vehicles off-road, the website adds: "While quad bikes, three-wheeled bikes, trail bikes and some other two-wheeled vehicles are built for off-road use, it is against the law to ride them in public parks or on publicly-owned land without permission from the local authority.

"As with unlicensed powered vehicles, these can only be used on private roads or land with the road or land-owner’s permission."

On performing stunts and tricks, the police website says: "Performing stunts and tricks such as doughnuts and wheelies, whether on public roads or in car parks, can be dangerous to both the driver or rider and bystanders.

"It can also cause noise nuisance, especially if taking place at night in residential areas.

"For this reason, this kind of behaviour is not permitted unless as part of an organised event with prior permission from the local authority."