FROM the drunken man arrested on a visit to his son to the man accused of repeatedly assaulting a child, these are the Herefordshire magistrates court cases we have reported on this week.

A DRUNKEN man was arrested on a trip to see his son for the first time in two years after drinking on an empty stomach.

READ MORE: 'Antagonistic' man arrested at Hereford pub while visiting son

A HEREFORDSHIRE drink-driver has been handed a hefty penalty after he was caught behind the wheel while more than twice the limit.

READ MORE: Hefty penalty for Herefordshire drink-driver caught on rural road

A TEENAGE repeat offender learner driver has been banned from the roads after he was caught out on the motorway in Herefordshire.

READ MORE: Repeat offender teenage learner driver caught on Herefordshire motorway

A HEREFORDSHIRE attacker was caught making excessive noise while driving through a Herefordshire village.

READ MORE: Herefordshire attacker caught making too much noise in his car

A HEREFORD man will appear before the crown court after denying multiple counts of assaulting a child.

READ MORE: Accused Hereford man denies repeatedly assaulting child

A TWICE-the-limit Herefordshire drink-driver has been banned from the roads after he was caught behind the wheel.

READ MORE: Banned: twice-the-limit Herefordshire driver caught in busy street

AN UNINSURED Land Rover driver has escaped a roads ban in order to take her children to school.

READ MORE: Uninsured Herefordshire Land Rover driver escapes roads ban

A THIEF stole flowers, meat, and alcohol from a Herefordshire town centre supermarket.

READ MORE: Thief stole flowers, meat, and wine from Herefordshire Aldi

AN 'ERRATIC' teenager headbutted a police officer in a row outside a Hereford fish and chip shop.

READ MORE: 'Erratic' teenager headbutted police officer in row outside Hereford chippy

A HEREFORDSHIRE woman has been up before the magistrates after destroying a flower display at a Herefordshire pub.

READ MORE: Woman in court after destroying flower display at Herefordshire pub

A WOMAN has been handed a conditional discharge after she was caught with a class A drug in Hereford.

READ MORE: Conditional discharge for Hereford woman caught with class A drug

A HEREFORDSHIRE man has been fined after driving after his licence was revoked.

READ MORE: Fined: Herefordshire man caught driving after licence revoked

A TEENAGE apprentice was caught driving while twice the limit as he went to pick his girlfriend up from college.

READ MORE: Herefordshire teen apprentice arrested on way to pick up girlfriend

A HEREFORDSHIRE van driver has been handed a hefty penalty after he was caught behind the wheel without a licence or insurance.

READ MORE: Herefordshire van man caught driving without licence or insurance

UNINSURED Herefordshire drivers have been ordered to pay hundreds of pounds in fines after they were caught out on the roads.

READ MORE: Named: uninsured Herefordshire drivers caught breaking the law

A HEREFORDSHIRE man has been fined after intentionally breaking a window belonging to another person.

READ MORE: Herefordshire man fined after deliberately breaking window

A STEEL erector has been banned from the roads after taking amphetamines and cannabis before getting behind the wheel.

READ MORE: Banned: steel erector caught in Herefordshire after taking amphetamines

A HEREFORDSHIRE man has been banned from the roads after he was caught drink-driving.

READ MORE: Herefordshire man handed 18-month roads ban