WE’RE on the verge of World War Three with millions of people being bombed out of their homes in Ukraine and what do I read in the Hereford Times but a snide attempt by Jan Coppinger in Letters (Hereford Times, March 24 ) to link Russian oligarchs’ money with the important “calling out” of this profligate third-rate council.

The eye-watering waste of council taxpayers’ money on planters so that a few left-leaning cyclists can expect happiness on their self-congratulatory journey beggars belief.


Well done, Ann-Marie Probert, for calling out this travesty. I would also question the way councillor John Harrington tries to justify this waste by claiming the money is somehow “ring fenced”.

More Hereford bull, by the sounds. Take the fence down, Mr Harrington. It’s high time this council realised money doesn’t grow on trees... or in these gold plated planters.



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