I WAS shocked to hear of an application to demolish Garway School.

Both my brother and I attended the school. I do not reside in Garway anymore, however I do visit from time to time.

Over the years I have watched the property being allowed to deteriorate.

The owner had no respect for the building, and it was due to this that it no longer has the original windows and doors.


In my estimation it was always his intention to have it demolished.

Garway is a unique scattered hamlet, and the school is one of the very few that are left.

Surely, a good carpenter could replace the windows and the door. It could then be transformed into a fantastic heritage centre.

Children attending the new school would greatly benefit from having an insight into past times, and the Victorian era.

The building should be retained as one of Herefordshire’s treasures and not be allowed to be obliterated.

Jean Casey