HEREFORD has two hotels, the Green Dragon  and the Three Counties at Belmont while there is a dozen supermarkets.

If Lidi, who already have one in the city, get hold of the Three Counties, as suggested in last week's Hereford Times there will be just one top-class hotel left.

If Herefordshire Council allow Lidi to turn the hotel into a big shop virtually next door to Tesco it will create a massive disaster for the city; a big loss for tourists, weddings, dinner events for companies and community  groups, and, of course for thousands of local folk it's a 'pub.'


Landlords of pubs are not allowed to sell it for a family home or a shop without council approval.

The same must apply to hotels.

Camra, who protect pubs will, I am sure oppose a takeover by the German supermarket if the rumours are confirmed as fact.

There are plenty of open spaces in and around the city for Lidi to build a second supermarket, especially on the edge of the Belmont community which the council could direct them to.

The owners of the hotel, the Harrison family, only bought it six years ago.

The last two years of the Covid-19 pandemic would have been difficult and if they want out there are plenty in the hospitality trade to take over.

We have to rely on Herefordshire Council to avoid a disaster.

George Thomas

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