RECENT letters to the Hereford Times have expressed a willingness to sacrifice environmental concerns in order to increase food production.

It is clear given the climate crisis, the war in Ukraine and other factors that producing enough food globally is certainly going to be a challenge.

But, without far more respect for the vital natural world and its riches, without farming practices that sustain all the micro-organisms found in the soils around the globe, without the essential insect and plant life from the South Pole to the North Pole, both the natural world and our agricultural systems are under unacceptable stress, and the damage is going to get worse if we continue to treat our environment as a bread basket.


Right now, our consumption patterns here in the UK are causing so many precious environments to be lost: for example, the Amazon rainforest.

The production of meat, including chicken, is every day leading to the felling of the forest to make way for yet more soyafeed.

It is tragic and heartbreaking.

Let us not continue to act as plunderers of our planet.



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