ARE you aware of how restricted visiting in care homes is?

When there is an outbreak – two or more cases among the staff and residents – the home is effectively closed.

In the home where I work this has effectively closed it for months as a couple of positive cases occur most weeks and we need to have two weeks clear to open.

The individuals concerned self-isolate at home or in their rooms as per guidelines.

Yet all the residents are now restricted to the home, unable to leave except for hospital visits, and their visitors are restricted to one essential care giver.

Yet a member of staff whose family member has Covid-19 can continue to come to work if they themselves test negative.


With the world and travel opening up surely it is time to allow residents in care homes their human rights.

The chance to enjoy time with family and friends and being free to come and go as they please.

I am also the daughter of a care home resident and find the need to pre-plan and book visits after two years hard to bear.

Often I am only minutes away yet I cannot just pop in and make my mother’s day.

I am happy to test, keeping lateral flow tests in the car.


Kings Thorn

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