A MILITARY testing range on the Herefordshire border could expand, if plans for a new indoor facility are given the green light.

The Ministry of Defence-accredited Radnor Range Ltd tests and evaluates weapons, ordnance, munitions and explosives at the site just seven miles from Kington.

The business, based in Old Radnor just off the A44 between Kington and Crossgates, has now asked Powys County Council if it can have a new ballistic test facility building, bund and carry out associated works.

In a design and access statement submitted to planners, McDonald Architects said the new ballistic test facility building is proposed to be located within the existing Radnor Range in Harley Dingle.

The extensive site and surrounds are made up of steep, wild grassland, bracken and some agricultural land.


The dingle, architects said, had been used as a ballistic test facility in one form or another since the 1920s and there were already utilitarian agricultural-style buildings and structures on site.

"Radnor Range offers a blend of capabilities centred on a multidisciplinary range complex providing testing, evaluation and training services," the statement said.

"Core competencies are centred on weapons, ordnance, munitions and explosives and their effects.

"In addition, a safe and controlled testing environment is provided for flying UAVs and drones as well as a confined site for the testing of RF and laser emitters.

"The external range allows blast trials up to 75kg HE (approx 100kg TNT) and firing trials up to 3,000m, depending on calibre and ammunition nature.

"This proposal is for a new indoor ballistic test facility building which has been designed to provide environmental conditioning and ballistic testing of an array of targets in a technically controlled and safe environment.

"The proposed new facility will allow for the provision of the latest independently certified industry tests which are critical to sustain the growth and viability of the long-established business and will provide continued and growing employment opportunities for the local area."


The proposed building, which is said to be a simple, agricultural style, will be finished with green profiled metal cladding.

It will be 33.3 metres long, 13.1 metres wide and 8.3 metres high.

Summing up on behalf of applicants Radnor Range, architects said: "The proposed new building is to facilitate the expansion of a long-established business within an existing employment site.

"The new building is critical in ensuring that current accredited certified test criteria can be achieved, thus ensuring that the business can continue to operate within a competitive and ever-changing

international market."

Comments about application 22/0381/FUL can now be made to Powys County Council, with the decision deadline on May 5