Leominster Town Council has endorsed the statement on Ukraine made by the leader of Herefordshire Council David Hitchiner.

He said the council stood in solidarity with the war-torn country, which has been under fire from Russian forces for nearly two weeks.

People have been forced to flee their homes, with many seeking refuge in neighbouring Poland. The death toll also continues to rise as buildings are destroyed.


In his statement, Coun David Hitchiner said: "Given the seriousness of war breaking out in Europe today for the first time in over 80 years.

“It is appropriate for me, on behalf of the Council, to send a message of solidarity and sympathy to all democratically elected representatives of the government and of councils across Ukraine and to the people of Ukraine whom they all serve and represent."

Coun Hitchiner also offered support to all living in Herefordshire who have been directly affected by the crisis.

He said: "Our thoughts are also with the many residents of our own county who have friends and family in the region."

"On behalf of the council I want to also reach out to Ukrainians living in our county. If we are able to support you, please let us know."

Leominster Town Council also emphasised that support is available in the town for those who need it.

It said: "Leominster Town Council extends its sympathy to the people of Ukraine and offers its support to Ukrainians living in the local community."


Meanwhile, Leominster Aid for Ukraine is currently collecting supplies from locals to ship directly to the war-torn country.

Preferred donation items currently include medical items, military protection, torches and batteries, baby items, sanitary products, pet food, carriers, leads and collars, over the counter medicines, and sleeping bags.

Clothing is not being collected at this time. There are collection trollies in the town's supermarkets as well as the main drop off point at Bridge Street Sports Centre.

Alternatively, if anyone has a monetary donation, it can be made via the Hereford Times’ appeal, in partnership with the Herefordshire Community Foundation here