TWO Hereford coronavirus vaccination sites have now stopped operating, but vaccines are still available in the city.

Taurus Healthcare has recently announced the closure of two Hereford-based covid vaccination sites.

Saxon Hall, in Putson, south Hereford, and the pop up shop located next to the Body Shop in Maylord Orchards, have ceased to operate as drop-in sites.

Since December 2020, Saxon Hall has been used exclusively by Wargrave, Belmont and Cantilupe surgeries, together with Taurus Healthcare, to administer covid vaccinations to patients.

More than 50,000 vaccinations have been delivered to people of all ages, with a particular focus most recently on 12-15 year olds.

Understandably, the hall trustees now wish to reclaim the hall for use by their local community.


"We are very grateful to the hall’s trustees for allowing us to use it and recognise the sacrifice this has meant for community groups who may otherwise have wanted to use the hall," a Taurus spokesperson said.

The Maylord Orchards site has been used since December 2021 as part of Taurus Healthcare’s strategy to meet government targets to offer booster vaccinations to all adults.

Since the first walk-in clinic was held on December 19, an average of around 100 vaccinations each day have been provided to eligible age groups.

It has been a valuable city centre resource, which has now been let to a commercial tenant, and Taurus is actively seeking alternative premises within the city centre.


Dr Mike Hearne, GP and managing director of Taurus Healthcare, says: “These two facilities have been really critical for the delivery of the vaccination programme, offering convenient, city-centre opportunities for people to be protected against coronavirus.

“Although they are now closed, we are continuing to offer vaccinations throughout Herefordshire via the mobile unit (kindly on loan to us from St Michael’s Hospice). We are working closely with GP surgeries and Herefordshire Council to understand where best to site this, and full details of future locations can be found on our webpage

“We are delighted with the response from Herefordshire citizens to getting their vaccine. According to the latest data, 88 per cent of all eligible age groups (12 plus) across Herefordshire and Worcestershire are now fully vaccinated. This is an excellent response, although there is still work to be done, and I would like to thank everyone involved in making this possible.”