People affected by the recent cuts to bus links between Ross-on-Wye and Ledbury and Newent have agreed to work towards a solution to replace the lost services.

Stagecoach removed the 132 service which runs from Gloucester to Ledbury via Newent on February 27.

And the bus company has also reduced its 32 service between Newent and Ross, which will only operate a school and shopper link.

Stagecoach says the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly reduced the number of people using these routes, with buses north and west of Newent running at a total loss of £200,000 a year.


But many passengers say they are devastated by the cuts and villages such as Dymock have lost their regular connection to Newent and Ledbury.

Ledbury town councillors convened a meeting this month (March 9) with representatives from Herefordshire and Gloucestershire to discuss a way forward.

James O’Neill, a Stagecoach representative, explained how the company’s revenue had been affected and explained that they could not run the service at a loss.

But resident Sarah-Jane Arbury said there was still a need for a reliable and regular bus service from Ledbury to Newent.

She said: “The 132 provided a vital way for people who don’t or can’t drive to get to Gloucester railway station.”

And another resident Mel Bayliss said the people of Dymock who do not drive are “literally stuck”.

Councillor John Harrington, Herefordshire Council’s infrastructure and transport cabinet member, said his council does not have the money to subsidise the route.

He said: “By subsidising this route, we would lose other routes and that’s the continual quandary we are in. We are trying to shake the Government for more funding to run an effective bus service.

“But there are sensible steps forward and I think the point of seeing what parish councils can offer is vital. That’s how we were able to keep a service going in the north of Herefordshire.”

Ross town councillor Louis Stark said the town councils of the three market towns should work together to find a better way forward to provide a bus link.

And Ledbury deputy mayor Phillip Howells suggested setting up a regular forum to come up with ideas to persuade Herefordshire and Gloucestershire for some financial help to fund a bus service.

This was agreed and future meetings are expected to take place in the coming weeks.