A SPEEDWAY legend and experienced motorcyclist died after crashing on a Herefordshire course.

Alan Grahame, aged 67, was driving a 700cc motocross sidecar on a practice day at Bromyard Moto Parc on September 25, 2021, when he crashed after landing a double jump.

An inquest held at Hereford Town Hall on Wednesday heard that Mr Grahame came off the bike and hit the ground on the course near Bromyard.

He was flown to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham but died on October 3 from a brain injury sustained in the crash.

The inquest heard that Mr Grahame was wearing full protective clothing at the time of the crash.


Mr Grahame, from Sutton Coldfield, who was affectionately known as Big Al, had a celebrated speedway career making over 700 appearances for Cradley Heathens.

Robert Horton organised the practice day and said the track is also used for competitive events.

He told the inquest how the practice event saw small groups of riders on the track at different times and the sidecars had their own time slot so there was ‘plenty of room’.

The ‘bomb hole’ section of the course, where the crash took place, was described as ‘slightly more challenging’.

Mr Horton said the course had natural terrain with trees and bushes around the side of the track.

He said that the farmer who owned the land had changed the jump slightly after the incident.

“When you ride motocross or anything like that you know when you put your leg over the bike, it’s a risk.

“It’s why we do it, it’s adrenaline.”

Mr Grahame had spoken about attempting the jump the previous night and his family felt it was ‘not unreasonable’ and he was capable of it.

James Greensill was passenger on the sidecar driven by Mr Grahame and said the pair had previously ridden much bigger jumps.

They had ridden the first practice session and then attempted the jump.

Mr Greensill said he thought the pair had landed the jump but then the bike sped up instead of turning for the following turn.

It is not known exactly what happened but Mr Greensill said:

“When we landed I think he may have concussed himself by headbutting the bars and slipped off the bike while revving the engine.”

Mr Greensill also came off the bike suffering minor injuries.

Herefordshire coroner Mark Bricknell concluded it was an accidental death.